A.   Impoundment Of Bicycles:
      1.   On finding a bicycle is: a) abandoned; b) inoperable; or c) unattended at a place where the bicycle constitutes an obstruction to vehicle or pedestrian traffic or constitutes an imminent threat to the health, safety or welfare of the public or is in violation of an existing parking ordinance, the police department or any officer, agent or employee of the city so designated may remove or cause the removal of such bicycle to a place designated by the chief of police for the storage of impounded bicycles. (Ord. 15-4635, 8-18-2015)
      2.   Upon impoundment of such bicycle, the city shall notify the last known owner of such impoundment by first class mail. At the time of impoundment, the city may cause to be filed a citation pursuant to state law upon the owner or driver of such bicycle at the time of impoundment. The owner or driver may reclaim such bicycle upon presentation of proof of ownership or by a notarized declaration of ownership and by accepting such citation and signing a promise to appear and payment of any accrued fees and charges. Such fees and charges shall be set by resolution.
      3.   If impoundment requires the destruction of a chain, padlock or other security device, agents or employees designated to enforce the parking ordinances of the city or any peace officer are hereby authorized to destroy such security devices. (1978 Code §23-72; amd. 1994 Code)
   B.   Owner Prima Facie Responsible For Parking Violations:
      1.   If any bicycle is found stopped, standing, parked, or abandoned in any manner in violation of this title and the identity of the driver cannot be determined, the owner shall be held prima facie responsible for such violation. (Ord. 01-3992, 12-11-2001)
      2.   In the event the City is unable to ascertain the owner, or the owner does not claim the bicycle within three (3) calendar months from the date of impoundment, the City shall, except as noted below, cause such bicycle to be sold at a public auction. Notice of such disposition shall be published pursuant to State law governing abandoned vehicles. In lieu of selling said bicycle at public auction, the City may donate it to: a) a nonprofit organization or entity which serves low income/disadvantaged youth or families in Johnson County, Iowa, for use by members of the population served; b) a low income/disadvantaged youth; or c) a homeless individual who has no other means of transportation. (Ord. 17-4697, 3-7-2017)
      3.   Proceeds from sales and impoundment fees shall be used to defray the costs of bicycle registration and bicycle facilities. (1978 Code §23-73)