During any type of development the following measures shall be utilized to protect any tree on site that is not designated for removal.
   (a)   Protective barriers, such as silt fences, bollards, roping or other such devices as approved by the Department of Public Works, will be placed around each tree at the drip line of the canopy of each tree to prevent any type of encroachment under the drip line, or six times the diameter at breast height (DBH), whichever is greater.
   (b)   Soil disturbance under the canopy of each tree will be limited to six inches removed or six inches added. Any soil added under the canopy of the tree must be a loamy soil mix to ensure that compaction is minimized.
   (c)   Trenching shall be no closer than six times the diameter at breast height (DBH) to the affected tree nor shall it disrupt more than thirty percent of the dripline root area.
   (d)   No other types of disturbance or construction shall be allowed under the dripline of any tree without prior approval by the Department.
(Ord. 362. Passed 3-1-94.)