(a)   Any person, individual, club, organization or association (the “applicant”) Persons seeking to hold a parade or other promotional event (the “event”) on any “street,” as that term is defined in this Chapter, shall notify the City and receive a permit for such event.  The applicant shall provide the necessary information for justifying closure of a street or streets with the final action subject to approval by the City Manager.  In the case of major streets, closure shall be limited and emergency access provided to abutting properties at all times.
(Ord. 362.  Passed 3-1-94.)
   (b)   In addition to the requirements of Subsection (a), above, an applicant that intends to allow participants to possess or consume alcoholic beverages during the event must file an application for a "special permit," as required under Section 606.01(c), with the Director of Public Safety, and pay an additional application fee at City Hall, as established from time to time by the City Council. The application for the special permit must designate, among other information, (1) the expected number of participants, (2) the hours during which alcoholic beverages will be served during the event, (3) the hours during which alcoholic beverages will be allowed to be possessed or consumed during the event, and (4) the methods used to prevent possession or consumption by minors and non-participants. The Director of Public Safety shall then submit a recommendation regarding the approval of the application for the special permit to the City Manager. Upon receipt of the application and recommendation, the City Manager may approve or deny the special permit. No special permit shall be issued for possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages having a higher alcoholic content than that of beer or wine. In addition to the application fee, the City Manager may require reimbursement for law enforcement and other City services related to the event. The method of collecting and calculating this fee shall be described in the special permit.
   (c)   If an application for a permit or special permit submitted under this section is denied by the City Manager, the applicant may appeal to the City Council, which shall have ultimate authority for issuance.
(Ord. 540.  Passed 5-7-19.)