EDITOR'S NOTE: This chapter has been established to provide a place for a synopsis of ordinances relating to the granting of franchises by the City.
   Franchises generally - see CHTR. Art. IX
   Public utility franchises - see CHTR. §§ 9.05 et seq.
   Purchases, contracts and sales - see ADM. Ch. 212
   Cable television franchises - see B.R. & T. Ch. 808
Ord. No.   Date   Description
361   12-7-93   A cable television franchise with C-TEC Cable Systems of Michigan, Inc.
382   12-1-98   Consenting to merger of Cable Michigan, Inc., and Avalon Cable of Michigan, Inc., and to transfer of control of the cable television franchise granted by the City.
- -   7-27-04   Extended franchise agreement with Charter Communications.