General Provisions
   151.001   Appeals
California Administrative Code
   151.005   Adoption of California Administrative Code
   151.006   Conflicting provisions
California Building Code
   151.010   Adoption of California Building Code
   151.011   Amendments and additions to Building Code
California Historical Building Code
   151.014   Adoption of California Historical Building Code
California Existing Building Code
   151.015   Adoption of California Existing Building Code
California Energy Code
   151.017   Adoption of California Energy Code
California Mechanical Code
   151.020   Adoption of California Mechanical Code
California Plumbing Code
   151.025   Adoption of California Plumbing Code
California Electrical Code
   151.030   Adoption of California Electrical Code
California Residential Code
   151.040   Adoption of California Residential Code
   151.041   Amendments and additions to Residential Code
California Green Building Standards Code
   151.050   Adoption
International Property Maintenance Code
   151.055   Adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code
Small Residential Rooftop Solar Energy System Permits
   151.060   Expedited review of small residential rooftop solar energy system permits
Expedited Building Permit Process for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
   151.065   Electric vehicle charging station systems
Moving Buildings
   151.120   Title and purpose
   151.121   Building moving permits and fees required
   151.122   Approval; inspection staff
   151.123   Bonds
   151.124   Execution of work
Addressing Property and Buildings
   151.135   Purpose
   151.136   Authority to assign numbers
   151.137   Procedure for assigning numbers
   151.138   Official numbering system
Security Fencing
   151.150   Electrical charges
   151.151   Barbed wire, razor wire and other security
Construction; Related Regulations
   151.160   Permitted work hours
   151.161   Removal of trash from building sites
   151.185   Permit required
   151.186   Application for permit
Mobile Home Sales Complex Permits
   151.190   Mobile home sales complex permit established
   151.191   Model home sales complex permit applicability
   151.192   Model home sales complex permit review and conditions
   151.193   Model home sales complex permit approval period(s)
   151.194   Mobile home sales complex permit public hearing need and phasing
   151.195   Model home sales complex permit submittal requirements
   151.196   Model home sales complex permit certificate of occupancy
   151.200   Permit required
   151.201   Fees
   151.202   Plans and specifications
   151.203   Work without a permit
   151.204   Work complete in violation of requirements
   151.999   Penalty