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Authorized representatives of charitable or nonprofit organizations operating under the provisions of Chapter 504 of the Code of Iowa desiring to solicit money or to distribute literature are exempt from the operation of Sections 122.04 and 122.05. All such organizations are required to submit in writing to the Clerk the name and purpose of the cause for which such activities are sought, the name and social security number of each representative of the organization, names and addresses of the officers and directors of the organization, a list of any vehicles used and the license plate number of any such vehicles, the period during which such activities are to be carried on, and whether any commissions, fees or wages are to be charged by the solicitor and the amount thereof. If the Clerk finds that the organization is a bona fide charity or nonprofit organization the Clerk shall issue, free of charge, a license containing the above information to the applicant. In the event the Clerk denies the exemption, the authorized representatives of the organization may appeal the decision to the Council, as provided in Section 122.15 of this chapter.