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   1.   An application in writing shall be filed with the Clerk for a license under this chapter. Such application shall be accompanied by a $15.00 application fee and set forth the following information:
      A.   Applicant’s name, e-mail address, if any, permanent and local address, and local phone number or cell phone number.
      B.   Business address, business e-mail address, if any, and business phone number, if any.
      C.   The nature of the applicant’s business.
      D.   The last three places of such business.
      E.   The length of time sought to be covered by the license.
      F.   Applicant’s federal identification number and the federal identification number of any business for which applicant claims to be peddling as an agent, employee, or otherwise.
      G.   An Iowa sales tax permit number or a letter from the Iowa Department of Revenue confirming a sales tax permit is not required.
      H.   A Department of Criminal Investigation criminal history report/record for applicant from the state of applicant’s residence for the previous five years, including pending charges, dated no more than 30 days prior to the date of the application.
      I.   A criminal background check from the State of Iowa for applicant and any additional individuals listed on application, dated no more than one year prior to the date of the application.
      J.   Whether applicant has been listed on any sex offender registry within the last five years.
      K.   Whether applicant has had a peddlers license suspended, revoked, or denied by the City or any other city in the last five years and the reasons therefor.
      L.   The dates of any previous peddlers licenses issued by the City Clerk.
      M.   A list of any vehicles used in the business and the license plate number of any such vehicles.
   2.   If the applicant proposes to sell ice cream and other similar frozen desserts from a vehicle, the following additional application requirements shall be provided:
      A.   A description of the vehicle from which the sale will be conducted and a copy of the vehicle’s current registration.
      B.   A photocopy of the applicant’s driver’s license.
      C.   The applicant shall obtain at his or her own expense his or her current DCI criminal history report, dated within one year of license application, through the Iowa Department of Public Safety and certified copy of his or her current driving record. If a new applicant resided outside of Iowa anytime during the five years before applying, the person must also obtain, at his or her own expense, a copy of his or her current criminal history report and certified copy of driving record from each state of residence during the prior five years. Any person whose license has been suspended or revoked, or has expired for more than 30 days, will be required to obtain a current criminal history report and certified driving record in the same manner as a new applicant.
      D.   A list of all felony and misdemeanor convictions (convicted of, pled guilty to or stipulated to the facts of a criminal offense), including all crimes involving sexual assault and child abuse, during the 10 years immediately preceding the date of application. No license shall be issued to applicants who are registered sex offenders as a result of crimes against a person under the age of 18.
      E.   A list of all convictions for traffic violations for which the applicant’s license was suspended, revoked or barred during the five years immediately preceding the date of application.
      F.   A copy of the license issued by the Department of Inspections and Appeals Mobile Food Unit and any recent inspection reports.
      G.   An insurance certificate for a policy naming the City of Indianola (including its officers and employees) as an additional insured, with comprehensive general liability limits in an amount no less than $500,000.00. The policy shall be in full force and effect during the life of the vendor’s license. The required coverage shall be at least as broad as the Insurance Services Office, Inc. Form Number CG0001, covering commercial general liability. A copy of the current insurance certificate shall be maintained on file with the City Clerk.
   3.   Upon receipt of the application and accompanying criminal background check, the City Clerk shall conduct an investigation under the following procedures prior to issuing a license:
      A.   The City Clerk shall refer the application and criminal background check provided by the applicant to the chief of police, who shall make an investigation of the character and reputation of the persons who will conduct business within the City, to the extent he/she believes necessary for the protection of the public welfare, except that prior misconduct cannot serve as a basis for denial of a license.
      B.   The Police Chief shall endorse the application with his/her approval or disapproval and forward such endorsed application to the City Clerk.
      C.   If the application has been approved by the Police Chief, the City Clerk may issue a license to the applicant upon the payment of all license and application fees, bonds, and compliance with all other conditions provided in this Code.
      D.   If the application has not been approved by the Police Chief, the City Clerk shall not issue a license unless and until the causes for such disapproval are eliminated.
      E.   When causes for disapproval are eliminated, the applicant may resubmit to the Clerk and the Clerk shall forward the amended application to the Police Chief for investigation in the same manner as submission of the initial application set forth herein.