The following provisions shall apply within the Approximate Floodplain District.
   (A)   When base flood elevation data or floodway data have not been provided, the Zoning Administrator shall obtain, review and reasonably utilize any base flood elevation and floodway data available from a federal, state or any other source, in order to administer the provisions of § 152.10. When such base flood elevation data is utilized, the Zoning Administrator shall obtain:
      (1)   The elevation (in relation to the mean sea level) of the lowest floor (including the basement) of all new and substantially improved structures; and
      (2)   If the structure has been floodproofed in accordance with the requirements of § 152.27(B), the elevation in relation to the mean sea level to which the structure has been floodproofed.
   (B)   When the data is not available from any source as in division (A) above, the lowest floor of the structure shall be elevated to no lower than one foot above the highest adjacent grade.
(1996 Code, § 176-120.3)  (Ord. passed 8-12-2008)