(A)   Basis of districts. The various floodplain districts shall include special flood hazard areas. The basis for the delineation of these districts shall be the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for the county, prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Insurance Administration, dated August 28, 2008, as amended.
      (1)   The Approximated Floodplain District shall be those areas identified as an A or A99 Zone on the maps accompanying the flood insurance study. In these zones, no detailed flood profiles or elevations are provided, but the100-year floodplain boundary has been approximated.
      (2)   The Shallow Flooding District shall be those areas identified as Zone AO or AH on the maps accompanying the flood insurance study.
   (B)   Overlay concept.
      (1)   The Floodplain Districts described above shall be overlays to the existing underlying districts as shown on the official zoning ordinance map, and as such, the provisions for the floodplain districts shall serve as a supplement to the underlying district provisions.
      (2)   If there is any conflict between the provisions or requirements of the Floodplain Districts and those of any underlying district, the more restrictive provisions and/or those pertaining to the floodplain districts shall apply.
      (3)   In the event any provision concerning a Floodplain District is declared inapplicable as a result of any legislative or administrative actions or judicial decision, the basic underlying provisions shall remain applicable.
(1996 Code, § 176-116)  (Ord. passed 8-12-2008)