(A)   A service charge ("fee") in the amount of $5 is hereby imposed and shall be charged for each vehicle inspection hereafter made by a police officer of this city pursuant to or as specifically provided  in  this  Indiana law.  Such inspections may be, but are  not  limited to, those provided for in IC 9-17-2-12 and 140 IAC 6-1-(3) and (9).
   (B)   The revenue from the fees established in division (A) of this section shall be receipted by the City Clerk-Treasurer, or the Clerk's designee, and deposited in a special "Vehicle Inspection Fund".
   (C)   The Common Council shall appropriate the monies in that Vehicle Inspection Fund for law enforcement purposes, or such other purposes as may be then permitted by applicable law.
(Ord. 4-C-92, passed 3-10-92)