(A)   Every police officer who, in the regular course of duty, investigates a traffic accident shall make a full and complete report of the investigation on a standard accident report form. 
('75 Code, § 40.6)
   (B)   The Police Department shall maintain a standard system of filing traffic accident reports and shall maintain suitable files and records showing the types and numbers of traffic accidents and the arrests and warning issued to traffic code violators. 
('75 Code, § 40.7)
   (C)   The Police Department shall make frequent studies and analyses of all accident and arrest reports and records and shall utilize this information to work out ways and means for accident prevention. 
('75 Code, § 40.8)
   (D)   The Police Department shall annually prepare a traffic report which shall be filed with the Clerk-Treasurer and the Board of Public Works and Safety.  The report shall include all information pertinent to the number of traffic accidents, accident trends, the number of accidents investigated, arrests made as a result of the investigation, the number of moving traffic violation arrests, the number of parking violation arrests, and other data on the traffic activities of the Department. 
('75 Code, § 40.9)
   (E)   The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury or death to any person or in property damage shall immediately, by the quickest means of communication, give notice of the accident to the Police Department. 
('75 Code, § 41.46)
   (F)   A fee of $5 shall be paid for each accident report furnished to a person entitled thereto, pursuant to IC 9-29-11-1, as it exists or is hereafter amended.
   (G)   A fee of $5 shall be paid for each background search furnished to a person entitled thereto.
   (H)   The revenue from the fees established in division (F) and division (G) above shall be receipted by the City Clerk-Treasurer, or the Clerk-Treasurer's designee, and deposited in the Local Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund.
   (I)   Council shall appropriate the monies in that Local Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund for such purposes as set out in IC 5-2-8, or such other purposes as may be permitted by then applicable law.
(Am. Ord. 7-C-06, passed 7-11-06)  Penalty, see § 70.99
   Local Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund, see § 35.03
Statutory reference:
   Authority of cities to require accident reports, see IC 9-26-1-1 et seq.