The purpose and intent of this chapter is to:
   (a)   Establish a Growth Management Development Allocation System in the City of Hudson that will be implemented when the rate at which the City issues zoning certificates for certain residential dwelling units and subdivisions exceeds thresholds established by Council.
   (b)   Implement the policies and goals of the 2015 City of Hudson Comprehensive Plan (2015 Comprehensive Plan adopted in January 2016) relating to land use, infrastructure, transportation, parks and recreation, residential commercial and employment areas, Downtown Phase II plan and community services.
   (c)   Establish a residential development management and allocation system to control the rate of residential development to ensure that:
      (1)   Growth is orderly and that municipal infrastructure and public services are available concurrently with such development and to prevent further deterioration of public facility and infrastructure service levels.
      (2)   The fiscal impact of such development does not exceed revenue available from such development and other sources to pay the cost of infrastructure and services which it necessitates.
(Ord. 16-203, § 1.  Passed 4-4-17; Ord. 18-93.  Passed 10-15-19.)