The following zoning districts are hereby established. They may be referred to throughout this Code by their name or district number:
   (a)   District 1: Suburban Residential Neighborhood;
   (b)   District 2: Rural Residential Conservation;
   (c)   District 3: Outer Village Residential Neighborhood;
   (d)   District 4: Historic Residential Neighborhood;
   (e)   District 5: Village Core District;
   (f)   District 6: Western Hudson Gateway;
   (g)   District 7: Outer Village Commercial Corridor and Office Overlay Zone;
   (h)   District 8: Industrial/Business Park and Hike Bike Senior Housing Overlay Zone;
   (i)   District 9: Darrowville Commercial Corridor;
   (j)   District 10: Ravenna Road Corridor; and
   (k)   Overlay District FFO: Floodplain/Floodway Overlay.
(Ord. 18-93. Passed 10-15-19.)