(a)   Powers and Functions. As amended by the Charter of the City of Hudson from time to time, the powers and functions of the Architectural and Historic Board of Review ("AHBR") with respect to administering this Code are as follows:
      (1)   Architecture/design guidelines/historic preservation–residential and commercial development. Review applications for new structures, additions, alterations, fences, and signs, except for minor development and all development in Districts 6 and 8, and take final action relating to their compliance with all applicable architectural, design, and/or historic preservation guidelines and requirements. Review and take final action on applications for minor development referred to the Board from the City Manager.
      (2)   Architecture/design/historic preservation development in Districts 6 and 8. As appointed to the Design Subcommittee for Development in Districts 6 and 8, review plans for the design of buildings and other structures for proposed major developments and make recommendations to the Planning Commission.
      (3)   Historic districts and landmarks.
         A.   Review applications for certificates of appropriateness and take final action relating to the construction, erection, alteration, removal, moving, or demolition of any historic landmark.
         B.   Recommend to the City Council the geographic boundaries of additions to or changes in the Historic District, and to recommend those buildings and structures which should be designated historic landmarks.
         C.   Advise the Planning Commission, City Council, Building Inspector, other public agencies and property owners in matters involving structures and areas of historic and/or architectural significance, and, further, to assemble and make available information pertaining to funds, from both public and private sources, available for restoration, alteration and preservation.
         D.   Propose from time to time to the Planning Commission and Council the designation or removal of designation of structures and/or areas for historic preservation under the provisions of this chapter.
         E.   Make recommendations concerning the establishment of an appropriate system of markers for historic structures and areas and to advise owners or residents of historically and/or architecturally significant structures or areas on problems, techniques, and resources for historic preservation.
         F.   Make recommendations concerning the preparation of maps, brochures, and descriptive material about the City's structures and areas of historic and/or architectural significance.
         G.   Promote the public interest in the foregoing purposes by carrying on a public relations program.
      (4)   Adoption of architectural guidelines. The Board may recommend to Council for adoption amendments, appendices, or supplements to Appendix D , Architectural Design Standards. When initiated by Council, Council shall upon adoption of such a resolution, certify the proposed amendment, appendix, or supplement to the Board for review and recommendation prior to adoption. The Board may, at any time, recommend to Council for consideration any amendment, appendix, or supplement it deems appropriate. Periodically, the Board shall study and review the uniform architectural criteria in light of circumstances then existing and may recommend to Council addenda, amendments, or updating, if any, that the Board deems appropriate. If the Board determines that no addenda, amendments, or updating is appropriate or necessary, it shall report that fact to Council.
   (b)   Operations.
      (1)   Membership.
         A.   As amended by the Charter of the City of Hudson from time to time, the AHBR shall consist of seven electors of the City appointed by the City Council.
         B.   Each member shall have been a resident of the City for two years preceding appointment.
         C.   Each member shall serve without compensation for a term of four years. In the event of a vacancy, City Council shall appoint a qualified elector to complete the unexpired term.
         D.   No member may serve more than three consecutive terms.
         E.   The whole of the AHBR shall designate at least three members who shall constitute a subcommittee whose concern shall be the Historic District and/or historic landmarks. In addition, the Board may appoint such committees, ad hoc or standing, as may be appropriate to the conduct of its business.
      (2)   Meetings and rules.
         A.   The AHBR shall at its first meeting in January of each year elect one of its members as Chairman, a second member as Vice-Chairman, and a third member as Secretary. The Board shall hold such meetings as it may determine, but not less than one in any calendar month.
         B.   The elected Chairman, and in his absence the Vice-Chairman, shall be responsible for the proper administration of the Board's work and the elected Secretary shall keep, or cause to be kept, in the City's planning office, a complete and accurate record of all meetings and proceedings of the Board.
         C.   All meetings of the Board shall be open to the public and four members thereof shall constitute a quorum.
         D.   A majority vote of the members present shall be required to take action.
         E.   In order to better carry out the provisions of this chapter, the Board by formal motion shall adopt rules for the conduct of its business.
      (3)   Advice of consultant. When requested by official action of the AHBR, the City Manager is hereby authorized and directed to employ a qualified, licensed architect to consult with and assist the AHBR on any and all matters set forth in this Code. If the Historic District and/or historic landmarks are involved, such architect shall be a qualified restoration architect. Such consultation and assistance shall be strictly advisory and the AHBR shall not be bound by the architect's recommendation or opinion.
(Ord. 16-57, § 1.  Passed 12-20-16; Ord. 16-148, § 3.  Passed 2-21-17; Ord. 18-93.  Passed 10-15-19.)