The Contractor shall provide and maintain methods, equipment, and temporary construction as necessary to provide controls over environmental conditions along the route or in the area or site of construction and related areas under the Contractor's control, and remove physical evidence of such temporary controls upon completion of work. All such temporary controls shall be in accordance with applicable Federal, State, County and local laws, rules and regulations governing noise, dust, water quality, pollution and erosion and sediment control, and the requirements of these Standards. In the event of conflict between the requirements of these Standards and Federal, State, County and local laws rules and regulations, the more restrictive shall apply.
   Temporary Environmental controls, as applicable to soil erosion and sediment control, shall be in accordance with Chapter 1421 of these Codified Ordinances, ODOT Item 207, and as required by Summit County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). Where heavy construction equipment is no longer needed, the Contractor shall either final grade and seed or temporary seed to prevent soil erosion. No area where construction is complete shall sit for longer than seven days without being seeded or as required by the Ohio Rainwater and Land Development Handbook, latest edition. Silt barriers shall stay in place until grass has grown so soil will not erode. Any findings and corrections required per the review and on-site inspection by Summit County SWCD shall be mitigated by the Contractor.
   Particular attention shall be given to dust, mud and dirt control in the streets, sidewalks and drives within the limits of the project and any haul roads leading to or away from the project that are used by the Contractor, his subcontractors and his material suppliers. The City of Hudson reserves the right to mandate street clean up for dirt, dust and mud control in the interest of public health and safety, either daily, weekly or hourly depending on the circumstances surrounding the condition of the street, sidewalk and drives.
   The following methods of control shall be used.
   1.   The streets and haul roads shall be swept by an automatic self-contained mechanical sweeper with integral water spray and vacuum equipment. All work shall be in accordance and compliance with the City of Hudson noise ordinance.
   2.   All excessive dirt that gets on the pavement shall be removed by means of hand shoveling or appropriate mechanical equipment and the area swept as in method (1) above.
   3.   Sidewalks and driveways shall be cleaned by means of shovels and hand brooms or approved mechanical equipment.
   4.   If authorized or directed by the Owner or the City, any dust remaining shall be controlled in accordance with ODOT Item 616, including the use of calcium chloride as permitted by the City.
   The Contractor shall comply with the above requirements on a daily basis. If the Contractor fails to perform the above work in a satisfactory manner, all work, except cleanup operations will be stopped immediately, at no additional cost to the City, until the Contractor has complied with the above requirements to the satisfaction of the Owner and the City.
(Ord. 18-91.  Passed 8-14-18.)