(a)   All poles and other support structures located in the public right-of-way and utility easements, including but not limited to electric utility and broadband poles, street and sidewalk lighting poles (decorative or otherwise), poles supporting traffic signals, and poles used to support equipment for the transmission or distribution of electricity and broadband communications, are poles, structures or facilities owned, controlled and/or operated by Hudson Public Power, a Municipal electric utility of the City (hereinafter referred to as "HPP Assets").
   (b)   No person, corporation, company, entity, agent of any entity, wireless service provider or operator, cable provider, video service provider, or any other entity shall attach any equipment or facilities to any HPP Assets without first obtaining an express written agreement from Hudson Public Power to do so, which agreement shall be properly authorized and executed by the City Manager.
   (c)   The City Manager may make and enforce additional rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary for the safe, economical and efficient management and protection of HPP Assets in the best interests of the health, safety and general welfare of the Municipality and its citizens.
(Ord. 18-64.  Passed 5-1-18.)