(a)   No new wireless support structures shall be installed in an historic district or the area in the City known and defined as the Downtown Phase I Redevelopment Area.
   (b)   Except antennas, all small cell equipment to be located in the right-of-way in the Historic Residential Neighborhood, Village Core District, or any historic district in the City shall be located in an underground vault or shall be subject to such reasonable, technologically feasible, and non-discriminatory design or concealment measures as the City may specify, as long as such measures do not have the effect of prohibiting or materially inhibiting the facilities operator's provision of reasonable service in the City. Such measures are not considered part of the small cell facility for purposes of facility size restrictions in this chapter or Chapter 1020 of these Codified Ordinances. A waiver submitted pursuant to Section 1022.13(d) will be considered if such measures are shown to be technologically infeasible.
(Ord. 18-82.  Passed 7-24-18; Ord. 19-26.  Passed 2-19-19.)