As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Mobile food vehicle” shall mean a food establishment that is located upon or within a vehicle, including but not limited to trucks, passenger vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles, or which is pulled by a vehicle, where food or beverage is cooked, prepared, or served for individual portion service.  This definition includes but is not limited to: mobile food kitchens, pushcart vendors, bicycle cart vendors, mobile food trucks, canteen trucks, ice cream sales trucks and coffee trucks.  This definition does not apply to “meals on wheels” program vehicles or food delivery services.
   (b)   “Temporary special event” shall have the same meaning as set forth in Chapter 872, “Temporary Special Events.”
(Ord. 16-55.  Passed 4-19-16; Ord. 17-13.  Passed 2-21-17.)