Not later than the month of January, 2000, and at least each fifth (5th) year thereafter in the month of January, the Council shall appoint a Commission of an odd number of members of not less than seven (7) but not more than eleven (11) qualified electors of the Municipality to be known as a Charter Review Commission, and not holding other public office, to serve without compensation.  The term of the Commission shall end on the day of the next general election.  Each member shall have been a resident of the Municipality or territory annexed thereto for two (2) years preceding the appointment and shall continue to remain a resident during the member's term.  In the event of a vacancy, Council may appoint a qualified elector to fill the unexpired term.  There shall always be a minimum of seven (7) members of the Commission.
   The Commission shall select its own Chairperson and Secretary and adopt its own rules for the conduct of its business.  The Commission shall recommend to the Council not less than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the next general election, following its appointment, any revisions and amendments to this Charter as in its judgment seem advisable and the Council shall submit the same to the electors at the next general election.  Meetings shall be open to the public except as may be provided by State law.  (Amended 11-3-20)