All meetings of the Architectural and Historic Board of Review shall be public, except as may be provided by the laws of the State of Ohio. The Board shall have the power and the duty to review, approve, disapprove, or approve subject to conditions, all applications for zoning certificates other than zoning certificates for new non-residential buildings within zoning districts where both industrial and office uses are permitted, which shall be reviewed in accordance with the provisions of Section 9.02, and other than minor improvements to either residential or non-residential properties, such as fences, small accessory buildings, building additions, and signs, as specified by Council, which minor improvements may be administratively reviewed, approved, disapproved, or approved subject to conditions by the City Manager or the Manager’s designee(s). With respect to applications to construct, erect, alter, remove, move or demolish any and all structures, buildings or landmarks within any Historic District established and defined by Council, the Board shall also have the power and duty to issue or deny a Certificate of Appropriateness pursuant to procedures established by Council. In the exercise and fulfillment of these specified powers and duties, the Board shall protect and preserve the value, appearance and use of property on which buildings are constructed or altered, to maintain a high character of community development, to protect the public health, safety, convenience and welfare and to protect real estate within the Municipality from impairment or destruction of value. Guidelines for the fulfillment of such duties shall be specified with respect to architectural values in architectural criteria as adopted, and as may be amended, by Council. Any provisions of the Codified Ordinances of Hudson relating to the Architectural and Historic Board of Review existing pursuant to such ordinances at the time of adoption of this section shall continue in effect and shall be applicable to the Board established by this section unless and until modified or repealed by Council. The Board shall also have such other powers and duties as are now or may hereafter be conferred upon it by the laws of Ohio or by ordinance of Council.
   Council, the Planning Commission and the City Manager shall consult with the Architectural and Historic Board of Review on application of the architectural criteria adopted by Council to physical development of the Municipality. (Amended 11-7-00; 11-3-09; 11-3-15)