The Municipality shall operate and maintain public parks and public lands acquired or designated by Council.  The Park Board shall, make recommendations as to the following matters: the operation of the parks, an annual budget with the advice of the City Manager for the Council’s approval and appropriation of funds, park expenditures in accordance with the appropriation therefor, conservation and recreation activities within the Parks System and it shall perform such other tasks as may be designated by Council.
   Tax levies designated for the operation of the public park system shall be recommended by the Park Board and may be approved by Council for placement on the ballot.  Funds collected and appropriated for park purposes shall be maintained as a Special Revenue Fund by the Finance Director of the Municipality.
   With the approval of the Council, the Park Board shall provide for lands suitable for park activities and programs, and for lands suitable for natural preserves.  Land acquisitions for park purposes shall be recommended by the Park Board and may be approved by Council and shall conform to the Comprehensive Plan and enacting ordinances in effect at the time of the acquisition.  Except by a vote of a majority of the electors of the Municipality, land owned by the Municipality and devoted to public park purposes shall not be sold or otherwise transferred to another owner, nor used by the Municipality for purposes other than public park purposes, which would result in a net reduction of the land area of the public park, unless the reduction in land area would be for a public purpose that enhances the function of that particular park or for a public right-of-way for vehicular, pedestrian and/or utility purposes. (Amended 11-7-00; 11-2-10; 11-3-15)