(a)   Upon opening a new account, a new utility customer shall provide the city with a security deposit. The security deposit shall be on a tiered basis as follows:
   (1)   One utility service       $150.00
   (2)   Two utility services       $200.00
   (3)   All three utility services   $250.00
   (b)   If, upon closing the account, the customer has paid the balance in full, the utility deposit shall be returned to the customer. If the balance is not paid in full upon closing the account, the city will apply the deposit to the outstanding balance. If the deposit does not cover the full amount of the outstanding balance upon closing the account, the other provisions in the Code concerning the collection of the account shall apply. The City Manager be, and hereby is, authorized to adopt rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 08-138.  Passed 10-15-08.)