1620.01 USE.
   Fire hydrants are intended primarily for the use of the Hudson Fire Department. No person shall operate any fire hydrant or draw water therefrom without authority from the Municipality. No person shall in any manner injure, deface or obstruct the use of any fire hydrant or place or keep any obstruction, article or material of any kind in front of such hydrant, between the curb line and the center of the street or within five feet of either side of such hydrant. No person, except an authorized employee of the Municipality shall open, operate or remove the nozzle cap from any hydrant to which water is supplied by the Department of Public Works or any other purveyor of water. At the discretion of the Manager, a special permit may be issued for the use of a fire hydrant for securing a supply of water for construction purposes where a permanent connection cannot be made. Charges for this service shall be determined by the Manager.
(Ord. 12-32. Passed 2-15-12.)