(a)   Banner program applicants must represent or promote a nonprofit cultural, educational or other community activity or event of general public interest. Banners may not be used to promote or advertise commercial activities (unless those commercial activities are incidental to an event sponsored by an educational or other nonprofit community group) or political parties, issues or candidates.
   (b)   Banners may not be used to advertise or promote any type of service or sales unless the sales activity is incidental to an event sponsored by an educational or other nonprofit community group. In no event shall business identification or commercial trademarks or logos be permitted on banners.
   (c)   Any organization that wishes to display banners under the City's program must submit an application (on the form provided at the end of this chapter) to the Clerk of Council at least one month prior to the group's requested initial display date. A sketch or photograph of the proposed banner design must be included along with the banner display application. City Council reserves the right to decline to display banners that do not comply with the guidelines described herein, or the display of whose contents would otherwise violate City Ordinances or applicable state or federal law.
   (d)   Banner display applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. In the event that more than one group applies to display banners at the same time, the City reserves the right to either limit or alter display time to afford maximum exposure to all applicants under the circumstances. The City will attempt, in such cases, to work with the applicant groups to arrive at a cooperative solution. The City Manager, however, shall make the final determination.
   (e)   In the event that a requested display of banners conflicts with the display of City- sponsored banners during a particular time period, the City reserves the right to reschedule the display of non-City-sponsored banners during that conflicting time period.
   (f)   All banners must be professionally printed on both sides of the banner, and must be made of a durable, weather resistant material (double canvas, vinyl, or high quality nylon or acrylic fabric). Banners must be 30 inches wide by 60 inches long. Banners that are excessively worn, faded, torn or otherwise damaged will not be accepted for display.
   (g)   All non-City banners must be on display for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 30 days. Banners that advertise specific events on specific dates will not be displayed more than three weeks before the first date of the event and will be removed no later than three business days after the last date of the event.
   (h)   The organization sponsoring a display of banners will be responsible for all costs related to the design, production, printing, installation, maintenance and removal of banners. Storage in advance of display and after removal of banners is also the responsibility of the sponsoring group. Banners may be delivered to the City's Public Works Department at 20 Morse Road, not earlier than two business days prior to the scheduled display of banners. Banners must be collected from the Public Works Department not later than two business days after their removal.
   (i)   The City is not responsible and will not be held liable for any loss of or damage to banners on display or otherwise in its custody.
   (j)   The Public Power Division of the City's Public Works Department will install, remove and maintain banners while on display. The total number of poles available for display of banners as of the date of these guidelines is 26.  Applicants for display of banners must display banners on all available light poles.
   (k)   For additional information about the City's banner program, please contact the City Public Works Department at 330-342-1750 or the Assistant City Manager at 330-342-1700.
   (l)   Banner applications are available online or in the Clerk of Council's office at Town Hall (27 East Main Street). Completed applications must be submitted to the Clerk of Council at Town Hall.
(Res. 01-155.  Passed 9-5-01.)
Name of Organization                                                                                                                        
Contact Person                                                                  Phone                                                      
Event or Activity Name                                                                                                                    
Date(s) of Event/Activity                                                                                                                  
Requested Display Dates                                                                                                                  
               (Minimum two weeks and no longer than 30 days. For specific events no earlier than three weeks before the first date and three business days after the last date of the event.)
Applicant Representative
Please return this application to:
City of Hudson
c/o Clerk of Council
27 East Main Street
Hudson, Ohio
Phone: 330-342-1799/1795
Fax: 330-656-1585
APPROVED BY:                                                                  Date:                                              
         City Manager
(Res. 01-155.  Passed 9-5-01.)