The basic permit fee shall be ten dollars ($10.00) to which shall be added the following:
   Air conditioning system   $ 5.00
   Combination air conditioning and heating system   10.00
   New or replacement of warm air gravity furnaces   5.00
   Mechanical furnace (new or replacement)   6.00
   Conversion burner   3.00
   Suspended gas-fired unit heater   4.00
   Hot water, vapor or steam heating system      10.00
   Incinerator      1.00
   Fan or blower installation      1.00
   Warm air or return air or outside air or flue pipes, ducts or
   runs or to four runs if constructed as an addition to an existing system      1.00
   Type (b) flue if not constructed as an integral part of a dwelling
      or heating system      2.00
   Gas-fired dryer      1.00
   Repair, cleaning and other service   1.00
   Safe vent and combustion air-type heating unit   3.00
   Miscellaneous not included above         1.00
   Humidifiers         1.00
   Electronic air cleaners         3.00
   For each required reinspection, the fee shall be   10.00
(Ord. 72-55. Passed 9-18-72.)