The fees for the installation, alteration or remodeling of electrical wiring, rewiring, apparatus and equipment, including heating and air conditioning equipment, sanitary equipment, safety devices, controls, motors, generators, rectifiers, supports and accessories, and all other electrical devices, apparatus and equipment, together with the appurtenances thereto, shall be as follows:
   The basic permit fee shall be twelve dollars ($12.00) per inspection trip to which shall be added the following:
   General Outlets and/or Fixtures:
(Count each junction box and lighting outlet, convenience outlet and switch separately, whether single or in multiple.)
   First one to twenty outlets and/or fixtures         $10.00
   Twenty-one or over outlets and/or fixtures an additional   .25 each
   Each Motor:
   Fractional h.p.                     $ 3.00
   One to five h.p                     10.00
   Six to ten h.p.                     15.00
   Eleven to fifty h.p.                  20.00
   Fifty-one h.p. and over               25.00
   Generators and Transformers:
   One to ten K.W. or K.V.A.               $10.00 each
   Eleven to fifty K.W. or K.V.A.            20.00 each
   Fifty-one and over K.W. or K.V.A.            25.00 each
   Miscellaneous Circuits: 
   Each range, rangetop, oven, dryer, garage door opener,
   disposal, dishwasher, washer, fan, electronic air cleaner,
   furnace, x-ray, welder, rectifier, projector or amplifier   $ 3.00
   Separate 120 or 240 volt circuits            2.00
   Each ten feet of bus duct               2.00
   Services and/or Lighting Panels: (Including feeders-busways):
   200 AMP or less                  $10.00
   Over 200 AMP $10.00 plus an additional rate of
   $2.00/100 AMP or fraction thereof.
   Signs, Outline Lighting, Marquee or Festoon Lighting:
   Each twenty AMP circuit or less            $ 5.00
   Electric Heating:
   Each individual room or space heating unit (no heating-
   air conditioning permit required if unit heaters are used
   to heat a new structure or major addition)         $ 5.00 - max. $35.00
   Each Circuit to Supply:
   Heat pump, electric air filter, new fan or blower
   installation, or any other installation requiring electricity   $ 5.00
   Air Conditioning:
   One to seven and one-half ton system, inclusive      $ 5.00   each circuit
   Over seven and one-half ton system to and including
   a ten-ton system                  6.00   each circuit
   Over ten-ton system to and including a fifteen-ton system   7.00   each circuit
   Over fifteen-ton system               8.00   each circuit
   Temporary Wiring: (Including temporary construction service):
   100 AMP service not to exceed a one year period      $10.00
   200 AMP service not to exceed a one year period      15.00
   Grounding of Metal Siding:
   Original installation - removal and replacement      $10.00
   Permanent Swimming Pools: (Maximum - three
   inspections)                     $25.00
An outlet is defined as being a fixed point on a wiring system where current can be taken, or each switch point or junction box or each six feet of strip or wiremold or fraction thereof.
(Ord. 82-8. Passed 1-18-82.)