(a)   No person shall construct or alter any building or structure in the City, except fences, when the cost of the same exceeds fifty dollars ($50.00) or where the effect of such construction or alteration is to enlarge the capacity or affect the bearing walls of any building or the roof thereof, without having first secured a permit therefor.
   (b)   No building permit shall be issued by the City or by the Summit County Building Standards Department for any structure that is proposed to be supplied with water by a tap-in to a public water supply system, unless the applicant produces sufficient evidence to the City that the public water supply system has sufficient pressure to comply with the requirements of the State Department of Health and with all minimum requirements set forth in NFPA Standard 1231, 1989 edition, for water supplies for suburban and rural firefighting.
(Ord. 94-58.  Passed 6-20-94.)