There is hereby established a Division of Code Enforcement within the Department of Community Development, which Division shall be under the general direction of the Manager. The head of such office shall be known as Superintendent of Building Inspection and he or his authorized representative shall perform the following duties:
   (a)   Enforce all applicable laws and ordinances of the Municipality regulating construction, including plumbing, heating, ventilating and electrical installations;
   (b)   Issue permits in conformity with the laws of the Municipality applicable to building and similar functions assigned to him;
   (c)   Institute proceedings for the repair or destruction of unsafe buildings in conformity with the laws of the Municipality; 
(Ord. 72-61. Passed 11-6-72.)
   (d)   Assign and reassign address numbers in the Municipality; and
(Adopting Ordinance)
   (e)   Perform such other duties as the Manager may require.
(Ord. 72-61. Passed 11-6-72.)