(a)   Purpose.  It is hereby declared to be necessary and conducive  to protect the public health, safety, welfare and convenience to establish special rates for those elderly and fixed income or disabled residents of the Municipality as is herein provided.
   (b)   Establishment of Rate.  For those qualifying residents of the Municipality, whether residential property owners or renters, who are users of either the Municipal water system or the Municipal sewerage system, a special life line rate is hereby established to consist of the availability charge only for the water or sewer system which shall include the first two units of consumption.  Consumption above the first two units shall be charged at the City's normal rates.
   (c)   Qualifications.  In order to qualify for the life line rate established herein, the individual must meet the following criteria:
      (1)   Be a resident of the City of Hudson;
      (2)   Be sixty-five years or older or be permanently and totally disabled as defined in Ohio R.C. 323.151(E), regardless of age;
      (3)   Have a gross household annual income of no more than sixteen thousand, five hundred dollars ($16,500); and
      (4)   Be either a residential property owner or renter utilizing either City water or sewer services, or both.
   (d)   Administration; Rules and Regulations.  The Manager may make and enforce such rules and regulations, provide such application forms and provide such assistance as may be necessary to carry out this chapter.  No such rules and regulations shall conflict with any Municipal ordinance.  No person shall violate or fail to comply with any such rule or regulation.
   (e)   Confidentiality.  The Manager shall keep all applications and information concerning the program in special files which shall be confidential and not open to public inspection.
   (f)   Reports.  On a periodic basis, not less than annually, the Manager shall report to Council concerning the administration of this program.  The report shall include such information as the Manager shall deem necessary, but shall include the total number of participants and total revenue foregone under this program. 
(Ord. 95-32.  Passed 4-5-95.)