1040.06  WATER WELLS.
   (a)   No person shall drive, drill, dig or use any water well within the corporate limits of the Municipality in sections where Municipal water lines are available except with Council approval upon demonstration to Council that the requested water well is for other than potable water, that the water is used in connection with heating and cooling systems and is necessary to maintain such systems in times of emergency or disruption of the Municipal water supply, and that no cross-connections to the Municipal water system are possible under plans submitted to and approved by the City Manager.
(Ord. 91-48. Passed 7-1-91.)
   (b)   Municipal water lines shall be deemed to be available where they are installed and are accessible into the street upon which the structure fronts or to which it has access. However, if a Municipal water line is made available to an existing dwelling being served by well water from or after the effective date of this section, (Ordinance 74-33, passed April 29, 1974), such property owner shall have the option to retain the well or to connect to the Municipal water line, it being the intent hereof to require connection with Municipal water lines for new developments but not to require connections for those structures and dwellings served by wells at the time of the installation of the Municipal water line.
(Ord. 74-33. Passed 4-29-74.)