(a)   There is hereby established a labor and materials charge for each connection made for water service from a main line to any structure, which fee shall not be less than the actual prevailing cost of materials necessary for the connection and the actual hourly labor charges for the number of personnel involved to physically make such connection, plus an amount to cover supervisory, administrative, equipment and other related expenses as determined by the Manager.  The material to be included in the total cost shall include a curb stop, water box, corporation stop, water meter, copper yoke and such other material as might be necessary.
   (b)   The property owner or his or her agent shall have the water main exposed at his or her expense for the connection and shall supply the piping from the water main to the structure being connected. 
   (c)   Sprinkler meter.  The existing sprinkler meter fee structure is amended to eliminate the labor, equipment, and materials fee to install a sprinkler meter and to reduce the monthly availability charge by fifty percent with the customer still being responsible for the fee to purchase the sprinkler meter.  In addition, sprinkler meters shall not be subject to the monthly capital maintenance fee.
(Ord. 95-202.  Passed 11-1-95; Ord. 13-76.  Passed 6-19-13.)