896.01  LEVY OF TAX.
   Pursuant to Ohio R.C. 4504.172, there is hereby levied an annual license tax at the rate of five dollars ($5.00) per motor vehicle on all motor vehicles registered in the City, as defined in Ohio R.C. 4503.10.  Said tax shall be in addition to the taxes specified in Ohio R.C. 4503.04 and 4503.16 and shall be subject to reductions in the manner provided in Ohio R.C. 4503.11 and exemptions as provided for in Ohio R.C. 4503.16, 4503.17, 4503.171, 4503.41 and 4503.43.
   The Clerk of Council is hereby authorized and directed to forward a certified copy of this chapter to Summit County and to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles of the State of Ohio for collection of the levy.
(Ord. 95-34.  Passed 4-5-95.)