(a)   The City Manager, as Housing Officer of any Community Reinvestment Area within the City of Hudson Village, shall follow the following procedure with respect to any requests for real estate tax abatement pursuant to the Community Reinvestment Program:
      (1)   All applications shall be submitted to the City Manager as Housing Officer upon forms to be prepared by him or her.
      (2)   The City Manager shall submit any application for tax exemption to the City Council at the next regular Council meeting following the receipt of the application.
      (3)   The Council President shall assign the application for tax abatement to the Finance Committee and such other appropriate Committees of Council for their review and recommendation to Council.
      (4)   Upon receipt of the report and recommendation of the appropriate committee, the Council may direct the City Manager to enter into an agreement with the applicant which may grant, modify or deny the request for tax abatement, but in no event shall the abatement granted last for more than fifteen years, nor shall the property abated be more than 100 percent.
   (b)   The City Manager, as Housing Officer, shall not approve any application for tax abatement without receiving the direction of Council as set forth in subsection (a) hereof.
(Ord. 95-132.  Passed 7-5-95.)