(a)   This chapter shall continue effective insofar as the levy of taxes is concerned for the period set forth in Section 890.04 or until repealed. Insofar as the collection of taxes levied hereunder and actions and proceedings for collecting any tax so levied or enforcing any provision of this chapter are concerned, it shall continue effective until all of such taxes levied in the aforesaid period are fully paid and any and all suits and prosecutions for the collection of the taxes or for the punishment of violations of this chapter have been fully terminated, subject to the limitations contained in Sections 890.27 through 890.32.
   (b)   Annual returns due for all or any part of the last effective year of this chapter shall be due on the date provided in Sections 890.11 and 890.17 as though the same were continuing.
(Ord. 79-55.  Passed 2-19-80.)