The Administrator may extend the time for filing of the annual return, upon the request of the taxpayer, for a period of not more than six months, or one month beyond any extension requested of or granted by the Internal Revenue Service for the filing of the Federal Income Tax Return. The Administrator may require a tentative return, accompanied by payment of the amount of tax shown to be due thereon by the date the return is normally due. No penalty or interest shall be assessed in those cases in which the return is filed and the final tax paid within the period as extended.  The extension request may be made by filing a copy of the taxpayer's request for a federal filing extension, or by filing a written request. The Administrator may deny the extension if the taxpayer's income tax account with the Municipality is delinquent in any way.
(Ord. 79-55. Passed 2-19-80; Ord. 05-14.  Passed 2-2-05.)