No person shall:
   (a)   Drive a taxicab while under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse or drink any alcoholic beverage or partake of any drug of abuse while transporting passengers;
   (b)   Procure or transport or aid or abet in the procuring or transporting of any alcoholic beverage or drug of abuse;
   (c)   Allow any taxicab to be used for immoral purposes, or procure or aid in the procuring of any person for immoral purposes;
   (d)   Fail, neglect or refuse to turn into the Police Department, within twenty-four hours, any articles found in a taxicab;
   (e)   Drive or operate any taxicab within the Municipality not covered by a license granted by the Municipality;
   (f)   Use any portion of the public streets or alleys as a taxicab stand;
   (g)   Fail to notify the Police Department within two hours after any accident or fail to furnish all necessary information as to the location, time, injuries, damage, etc., of the accident; or
   (h)   Drive up and down on the public streets seeking customers, commonly known as "cruising."
(Ord. 64-8.  Passed 4-6-64.)