(a)   No person shall make any false statement or give any false or misleading information in the application required by Section 840.04.
   (b)   Should subsequent information disclose that an applicant has falsified any information required in such application, the Manager shall forthwith revoke such registration and notify the holder thereof either in person or by certified mail of the action so taken.  Such remedy shall be in addition to the penalty provided in Section 840.99.
   (c)   Any person whose registration is so revoked may, within ten days after receipt of the revocation notice, appeal to Council by filing with the Clerk a signed written statement briefly setting forth his ground of appeal.  Council shall forthwith set a time and place for hearing such appeal and give the appellant due notice thereof by certified mail.  The appellant may appear before Council in person or by an attorney. The decision of Council thereon shall be final.
(Ord. 02-228.  Passed 1-15-03.)