(a)   Whenever, during any period of twenty-four hours or less, snow falls in the Municipality or in any section there of to a depth of two inches or more, an emergency is declared to exist in that such a depth of snow constitutes a serious public hazard.
   (b)   The Manager or Chief of Police shall declare the existence of the emergency. Such emergency shall continue until an announcement by the Manager or Chief of Police that the emergency is terminated.
   (c)   The owners and operators of motor vehicles shall have the responsibility of determining existing weather conditions and depth or extent of snowfall and shall comply with emergency parking regulations when such an emergency is in effect.
   (d)   During the period of the emergency, no person shall park any vehicle upon any street in the Municipality.
   (e)   During such emergency, no person shall park or cause to be parked or permit to be parked, or abandon or leave unattended, any motor vehicle of any kind or description on any of the Municipality's streets or highways. However, vehicles may be parked for a period of not longer than three minutes for the actual loading or unloading of passengers or 30 minutes for the actual loading or unloading of property or goods, provided that the operator of such vehicle is immediately available, and provided further that no other section of this chapter or ordinance of the Municipality restricting parking as to the time or place is violated.
   (f)   Any motor vehicle parked in violation of this section may be towed away, in addition to any penalty provided for a violation of this section.
(Ord. 06-152.  Passed 12-20-06.)