(a)   Council may establish and designate a Target Speed Zone upon the occurrence of all of the following:
      (1)   Receipt by Council of a petition signed by 60% of the owners of property along the roadway in a prospective Target Speed Zone;
      (2)   The subsequent recommendation of the City Manager that a Target Speed Zone designation is warranted; and
      (3)   Upon the finding by Council that a critical need for such designation exists.
   (b)   The City Manager's recommendation shall be based upon sufficient objective criteria to enable Council to find that there is a critical need to designate the subject roadway as a Target Speed Zone.  Such objective criteria may include, but are not limited to, conclusions of an independent traffic study that includes traffic volume counts and a report on general roadway characteristics; the number of pedestrian accidents and non-pedestrian accidents in the prospective Target Speed Zone over the previous three-year period, in which speed was a contributing factor; the number of complaints received by the Hudson Police Department over the previous three years concerning speed and reckless driving in the prospective Target Speed Zone; a consideration of the lack of sidewalks and street lighting as an aggravating factor regarding concerns about speeding in the prospective Target Speed Zone; and consideration of available alternative measures such as additional signage, temporary placement of the Municipality's mobile traffic monitor unit, and the employment of resident volunteers as part of the Police Department's "Eagle Eye Program."
   (c)   All Target Speed Zone designations shall expire on the later of:
      (1)   Three years from the effective date of the designating ordinance; or
      (2)   At such time that the number of speeding citations issued in the designated Target Speed Zone is equal to or less than the average number of speeding citations issued along other City roadways of comparable character.
(Ord. 00-135.  Passed 11-1-00.)