"Arterial street" means any United States or State numbered route or controlled access highway located within the Municipality, and streets and highways that serve as a high volume corridor through the Municipality, accommodate trips entering and leaving the Municipality and consist of one of the following roadway or roadway segments:
   (a)   Barlow Road between Terex Road and Stow Road;
   (b)   Boston Mills Road;
   (c)   Darrow Road (State Route 91);
   (d)   Hines Hill Road, west of Valley View Road;
   (e)   Main Street (State Route 91);
   (f)   Norton Road, west of Darrow Road;
   (g)   Seasons Road;
   (h)   Stow Road;
   (i)   Streetsboro Road (State Route 303);
   (j)   Terex Road.
(Ord. 00-135.  Passed 11-1-00; Ord. 05-134.  Passed 9-21-05.)