The Hudson Economic Growth Board shall:
   (a)   Act as an advisory board to the City Manager, staff and Council on the major economic development initiatives that are in the process of planning and implementation;
   (b)   Provide valuable transition assistance during transitions in staffing;
   (c)   Act as technical assistance to both the City and its citizens and businesses in economic development matters but especially through the large priority projects;
   (d)   Work toward the development and dissemination of public education and awareness of what economic development is and why it is important to the Hudson community;
   (e)   Assist in organizing events that will provide opportunities to promote economic development;
   (f)   Implement performance measures for economic development and, with the administrative staff, report results to Council on a semi-annual basis; and
   (g)   Report to Council as to all matters which the Board and/or administrative staff has under consideration.
(Ord. 06-96.  Passed 8-2-06; Ord. 06-119.  Passed 9-20-06; Ord. 11-13.  Passed 1-19-11; Ord. 15-150.  Passed 10- 6-15.)