There is hereby established in and for the City a Public Works Department, to be composed of six Divisions, as follows:  The Division of Administrative Support, the Division of Hudson Public Power, the Division of Service, the Division of Water Resources, the Division of Fleet Maintenance and the Division of Hudson Cemeteries.  The Department shall also be composed of a Director of Public Works and other such officers and employees as Council shall from time to time determine.  The duties, terms of office, compensation and other incidents of employment of such officers and employees shall be as determined by Council.  The composition and functions of the divisions of the Public Works Department, as set forth herein, shall be as set forth in Exhibit A attached to original Ordinance 99-8, passed January 20, 1999, and incorporated herein by reference. 
(Ord. 99-7.  Passed 1-20-99; Ord. 99-8.  Passed 1-20-99.)