The following user fees are hereby approved, adopted and levied and shall be paid by those individuals and/or organizations making use of the City's Emergency Medical Services Ambulance as follows:
   (a)   Medical section
      (1)   Advanced life support, level 2 (ALS2):   $800.00
      (2)   Advanced life support, level 1 (ALS1):   $700.00
      (3)   Basic life support (BLS):   $600.00
      (4)   Advance life support assessment/
         Treatment with Transport (TWT):   $200.00
   (b)   Property section
      Per mile to a medical facility:   $12.00
   (c)   Increases
      (1)   The rates listed in subsection (a) and (b) hereof will increase each year, on the first of January, by the Ambulance Inflation Factor (AIF) as published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for the upcoming calendar year (CY).
      (2)   The rates listed in subsection (a) and (b) hereof will also increase consistent with any additional changes with the Medicare and Medicaid rates as published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
   (d)   Other
      (1)   All individuals who receive the services listed above, or those financially responsible for those individuals, will be charged the fee corresponding to the services provided.
      (2)   Residents of the City, employees of the City and individuals that pay Income Tax to the City of Hudson, and their dependents, will also be charged the fees corresponding to the services provided. Any balance due from these individuals above their insurance coverage will be waived after all covered expenses have been paid to the City.
      (3)   The City Manager, the Finance Director and the EMS Director will develop necessary and appropriate collection policies and procedures to ensure compliance with State and Federal laws.
   (e)   The user fees established herein shall be collected, and upon receipt thereof, shall be credited to the Emergency Medical Services Fund as an offset to the cost of providing the emergency medical services for which the fee is being charged.
   (f)   The fees established in this section shall be levied beginning on January 1, 2010.
(Ord. 04-97. Passed 6-2-04; Ord. 10-43. Passed 3-3-10.)