(a)   The Police Department shall be composed of a Chief of Police and such other officers and personnel as Council shall from time to time determine.
   (b)   In the event of a vacancy in the office of Police Chief, the City Manager is authorized to appoint an Acting Police Chief on a temporary basis until such time as a permanent appointment of a Police Chief is made pursuant to Section 8.02 of the Charter.
   (c)   An Acting Police Chief shall receive compensation within the range of pay established for a level six position in accordance with terms set forth in the Employee Handbook. A person appointed to the temporary position of Acting Police Chief shall not receive longevity compensation during the time he or she holds such position but shall, upon return to his or her former position, receive credit for such time served as Acting Police Chief as part of his or her longevity credit pursuant to terms set forth in the Employee Handbook.
(Ord. 79-36. Passed 8-6-79.)