The Clerk of Council and other employees are hereby authorized and directed to charge the following fees for copying and certifying documents provided in connection with requests for public information:
   (a)   For Copying Individual Pages and Unbound Documents.
      (1)   Cost per page for the first ten pages:   No charge
      (2)   Cost per page for copies in excess of ten pages:   $0.10
      (3)   Cost per page for documents in excess of 8½ by 11 standard size:   $1.00
   (b)   For Certifying Documents.
      Cost per certification   $1.00
   (c)   For complete copies of bound materials, professionally printed City documents, large- scale City maps and large volume copy requests, the Clerk of Council and all other City employees shall charge a fee equal to the City's cost of obtaining such materials from its outsource printing or copying service vendor.
   Such fees shall be waived for governmental agencies, the State and any of its political subdivisions.  If requested materials must be mailed or shipped, the City's cost of mailing or shipping such materials shall be added to the copying and/or certification fees charged for such materials.  City employees shall not transmit requested materials in excess of ten pages by fax machine.
(Ord. 97-103.  Passed 6-18-97; Ord. 01-28.  Passed 2-21-01.)