In addition to the duties prescribed in the Charter for the Treasurer, the Treasurer shall:
   (a)   Accounts of Receipts and Expenditures.  Keep a full and accurate account of all moneys received and disbursed by him on behalf of the Municipality, specifying the time of receipt and disbursement, from whom received and to whom disbursed, on what account received and disbursed, and how paid;
   (b)   Audit Accounts.  Examine and audit the accounts of all officers and departments, subject to the approval of the Manager and Council;
   (c)   Receive and Disburse Moneys.  Receive and have custody of all moneys paid to the Municipality, draw warrants upon the Municipal Treasury for the amounts appropriated in the annual appropriation ordinance or amendments thereto whenever claims are presented properly approved by the Manager or by an ordinance or resolution of Council to make the expenditures, and disburse money upon a warrant issued therefor and countersigned by the Manager, or in his absence or disability, by the Mayor;
   (d)   Pay Municipal Employees.  Pay Municipal employees upon presentation of a properly certified payroll;
   (e)   Financial Statements. Transmit to the Manager at least monthly statements of cash on hand and of classified unencumbered appropriation balances for the Municipality as a whole, and such other financial statements as the Manager may from time to time require, and keep all departments, boards and commissions currently informed of their classified unencumbered appropriation balances; and
   (f)   Custodian of Bonds, Contracts, etc.  Be charged with the custody of the official bonds of Municipal employees, except his own, which shall be in the custody of the Manager, and with the custody of all deeds, mortgages, contracts, judgments, notes, debts and chooses in action.  In addition, he shall keep and administer all securities, bonds or other forms of negotiable instruments owned by or belonging to the Municipality.
(Ord. 63-53.  Passed 11-4-63.)