Any person may, upon subscribing to electronic mail notifications for calendar events on the City’s website or upon written request to the Clerk, obtain reasonable advance notification of all regular Council meetings, of any meeting of each public body of the City or any special meeting of Council at which any specific type of public business is to be discussed.
   Such person may file a written request with the Clerk specifying the person's name and the addresses and telephone numbers at which the person can be reached during and outside of business hours; the specific type of public business the discussion of which the person is requesting advance notification for; and the number of calendar months (not to exceed twelve) which the request covers. Such request may be canceled by request from such person to the Clerk.
   Each such written request shall be accompanied by stamped self-addressed envelopes sufficient in number to cover the number of meetings during the time period covered by the request. The Clerk shall notify in writing the requesting person when the supply of envelopes is running out, and if the person desires notification after such supply has run out such person must deliver to the Clerk an additional reasonable number of stamped self-addressed envelopes as a condition to receiving further notifications.
   The Clerk shall, if possible, give such advance notification under this section by written notification. If such written notification cannot be given or has not been given, the Clerk shall give oral notification. There shall be no fee charged for such advance notification.
(Ord. 94-22.  Passed 4-18-94; Ord. 13-51.  Passed 4-3-13.)