As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Clerk" means the Clerk of Council of the City of Hudson and/or the secretary of the pertinent public body. Any notification or action provided for herein to be given or taken by the Clerk may be given or taken by any person acting on behalf of or under the authority of the Clerk.
   (b)   "Day" means a calendar day.
   (c)   "Meeting" means any prearranged discussion of the public business of the City by a public body of the City at which a majority of the members of the public body are present.
   (d)   "Member" means any member of a public body of the City duly elected or appointed as a member pursuant to the Codified Ordinances of the City of Hudson.
   (e)   "Oral notification" means notification given orally either in person or by telephone, directly to the person for whom such notification is intended, or by leaving an oral message for such person at the address, or if by telephone, at the telephone number of such person shown on the records kept by the Clerk under this chapter.
   (f)   “Post” means to post on the City’s website (www.hudson.oh.us).
   (g)   "Public body" means any board, commission, committee, subcommittee or similar decision-making body of a State agency, institution or authority, and any legislative authority or board, commission, committee, subcommittee, agency, authority or similar decision-making body of any county, township, municipal corporation, school district or other political subdivision or local public institution.
   (h)   "Published" means published once in a newspaper having a general circulation in the City of Hudson, as defined in Ohio R.C. 7.12, except that no portion of such newspaper need be printed in the City. If at the time of any such publication there is no such newspaper of general circulation, then such publication shall be in a newspaper then determined by the Clerk to have the largest circulation in the City.
   (i)   "Special meeting" means a meeting which is neither a regular meeting nor an adjournment of a regular or special meeting to another time or day to consider items specifically stated on the original agenda of such regular or special meeting.
   (j)   “Written notification” means notification in writing mailed, faxed or delivered to the address of the person for whom such notification is intended as shown on the records kept by the Clerk under this chapter, or in any way delivered to such person. If mailed, such notification shall be mailed by first-class mail, deposited in a U.S. postal service mailbox no later than the fourth day preceding the day of the meeting to which such notification refers. Written notification may be accomplished by giving advance written notification by copies of the agendas of all pertinent meetings.
(Ord. 94-22.  Passed 4-18-94; Ord. 13-51.  Passed 4-3-13.)