EDITOR'S NOTE:  A Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations for the City were enacted by Resolution 11-73, passed December 3, 1973.  Because this Resolution is separately published, it is not codified herein.  Copies are available, at cost, from the City Inspector.
   At the time of the publication of these Codified Ordinances, the Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations had been amended by the following:
      Ord. 32-74, passed July 1, 1974 (requires improvement of all  dead-end streets within accepted plats).
      Ord. 10-75, passed April 7, 1975 (affirms that State law controls in cases of conflict with planning and zoning regulations).
      Ord. 22-75, passed July 7, 1975 (requires installation of storm sewers on both sides of streets in new developments).
      Ord. 8-77, passed March 21, 1977 (sets fees for variances and conditional use permits ).
      Ord. 16-77, passed May 2, 1977 (amends and totally supersedes Ord. 8-77 by restricting fees for variances and conditional use permits to areas zoned commercial.)
      Res. 13-83, passed December 5, 1983 (adds an additional use authorizing used car lots).
      Ord. 35-83, passed December 19, 1983 (establishes a fee for zone change applications).
      Ord. 8-84, passed February 21, 1984 (amends zoning change procedure).
      For provisions relating to the Planning Commission see Chapter 161 of Part One - the Administration Code of these Codified Ordinances.  For Zoning Map Changes, see Table I of the Tables of Special Ordinances in the Preliminary Unit of these Codified Ordinances.