The building and premises for automobile sales and show rooms shall meet the following requirements.
   (A)   Setbacks and lot requirements.
      (1)   Building setbacks. Building setbacks shall be as required under § 152.095(E).
      (2)   Parking. A minimum 25-foot wide landscaped yard shall be required and maintained between any public street right-of-way and parking lots (including maneuvering area).
      (3)   Contiguous site. Motor vehicle sales shall be on one lot or contiguous lots not separated by a public street, alley or other use.
      (4)   Lot width. The minimum lot width shall be 150 feet at the minimum required front yard setback.
      (5)   Lot area. A minimum lot area of one acre shall be required.
   (B)   Access driveways.
      (1)   Distance of driveway from street intersection. The distance of the driveway from the street intersection shall be not less than 50 feet; provided, however, that if, in the opinion of the City Engineer, present or future traffic conditions warrant greater distances, the greater distances shall be required.
      (2)   Minimum distance between driveways. Minimum distance between driveways shall be 25 feet at the curb cut.
      (3)   Minimum driveway angle to street. Minimum driveway angle to street shall be 60 degrees unless otherwise approved by the City Engineer.
      (4)   Minimum distance between driveway and adjacent property. Minimum distance between driveway and adjacent property shall be five feet at the curb cut.
      (5)   Widths of driveways and curb cuts. No driveway shall exceed 25 feet in width and no curb cut shall exceed 35 feet in width.
   (C)   Landscaping, screening and curbing.
      (1)   Screening. A screen shall be erected and maintained along all property lines separating the site from any residential district. The screening required in this section shall consist of a fence or wall not less than five feet nor more than seven feet in height or an equivalent as is approved by the Zoning Officer. Screening shall also include landscaping (trees, shrubs, grass and the like) of a type (layout, species, height, size and density) approved by the Planning Commission. All waste material, debris, refuse, junk or damaged vehicles shall be kept in an enclosed building or area completely screened from public streets and adjacent property.
      (2)   Landscaping. A landscaped yard shall be provided and maintained on all areas of the site not devoted to the building or parking areas. The landscaped yard areas may be required at various locations on the site.
      (3)   Curbs. Interior curbs shall be constructed within the property to separate driving and parking surfaces from landscaped areas. Interior curbs required by this section shall be a normal six inches in height.
      (4)   Surfacing. The entire site on which motor vehicle sales is located, other than that devoted to buildings and structures or landscaped areas, shall be paved or blacktopped and maintained to control dust and drainage and the paving or blacktopping shall be subject to the approval of the City Engineer.
      (5)   Lighting. All outdoor illumination on sales lots shall be provided with lenses, reflectors or shades, which will concentrate the light upon the premises so as to prevent glare or direct rays of light there from being visible upon any adjacent highway or street or any private property occupied for residential purposes. No flashing lights shall be permitted on any sales lots. Lighting from any source on the property shall not exceed 0.5 foot candles as measured from the centerline of any adjacent street nor 0.4 foot candles at any property line which is not also a public right-of-way line.
   (D)   Parking.
      (1)   Customer parking. A minimum of five customer parking spaces shall be provided for every acre of total site area.
      (2)   Customer service parking. A minimum of five customer service parking spaces shall be provided for every acre of total site area.
      (3)   Employee parking.
         (a)   A minimum of two employee parking spaces shall be provided for every three employees.
         (b)   The foregoing required parking spaces shall be shown and designated on the site plan.
   (E)   Parking for outside sales and storage. The maximum area permitted for outside storage of automobiles, new or used, shall not exceed two square feet of outside storage area to each one square foot of enclosed ground floor area. Not more than one automobile shall be stored on each 400 square feet of outside storage area.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991)